Version 1.970 update!

This update requires a new client download.

1. Adjust the points required for each level of the ladder. The highest legend level points are required to be increased to more than 5000 points. 
2. Increase the sale price of all white and blue single cards 
3. Cancel the purchase of gold coins in the epic card package, only use the 200 gems to buy the epic card package. 
4. Increase the probability that a treasure chest can open a non-common card, and the treasure chest has a certain probability that a gem reward will appear. 
5. The upper limit of the key is adjusted to 18 and one is automatically restored every hour. 
6. Players who log in after the update will automatically receive 5000 gold coins and 2000 gem benefits. 
7. Fix several bugs.


Andor_1.970PC.exe 245 MB
Jul 03, 2018

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