New name of the game

Since the name NAXIA has already been registered by other games, I thought for a long time and finally reselected a new name for the game:  ‘ANDOR
The name comes from the Elvish language in the Lord of the Rings. It means  "the Land of the Gift".

What do you think?


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To be honest, I like Naxia better! (Dunno if it is registered trademark) I'd vote to keep the name if possible. 
I'd want a different name from Andor. Perhaps something more easily understood? Love to suggest and discuss names if you'd like

I also had no alternative but his lawyer’s warning letter was sent over and I had to change it.
Do you have any good suggestions or ideas? Come wish to say ~

Well, to make a good suggestion, I'd love to know more about the lore of the game. If I remember correctly you named the land Ankh, which isn't a bad name! But if you could link me to some background information about the world, maybe we could come up with a list of names and try them out for popularity? Happy to help. 

It's a nice simple game concept I could see get really deep and would love to see you guys get it out there!

I really hope to thoroughly share the world background of the game, but because I wrote it in Chinese, if the translation into English is too much work. It is obviously not possible to rely on Google's translation. I must first find a professional translator to help. Otherwise, I really can't do any of this work...

lol. Let me see if i can find a friend who can speak Chinese. I have quite a few. Maybe they can help

It is awesome! I would be grateful if you could help me!

This is the background setting of the earliest NAXIA world. Although there are some differences between the game and the details, the entire world architecture still inherits.

I will also take the time to re-upload new game story settings here.

I see you have finalised the name to Andor! :) You know, it looks pretty good in the header pic. Grats on picking a new name.

Although my side has to set a name as soon as possible for some reasons, the name still has the opportunity to be modified. Want to get your ideas~