1.960 version update

Update content:

  1. After the victory of the Rank, the lowest point award is guaranteed at 1 point.
  2. The Epic Pack can spend 420 gold coins to buy.
  3. The Small Pack is reduced to 60 gold / 20 gem.
  4. Increase the daily gold bonus.
  5. Redesigned several basic puzzle solving levels.
  6. Added two new adventures and advanced puzzles.

Fix Bug

  1. Fixed the bug that the defensive player’s health value was calculated incorrectly when trampling a creature attacking a creature with blessing skills.
  2. Fixed the bug that the creatures with permanent weakening effect become 0/0 after leaving the Domain and do not die.
  3. Fixed bugs where achievement statistics are single-digit statistics rather than cumulative statistics.
  4. optimize the game efficiency, greatly reduce the black screen and flash back problems.

Card adjustment:

  1. The effect of Blood Moon’s Wish is adjusted to: 3 Cost, Deals 2 damage to a enemy creature or opponent at random,the effect is executed twice.Shuffle Blood Moon’s Wish into your library.
  2. Cursed Body is adjusted to: 1 Cost, +3/+3 The creature on the domain has~At the begin of your turn, this creature gets -2/-2.
  3. Charge Order is renamed Bloodcrazed Field and adjusted to: 4 Cost +2/+2 The creature on the domain has~Whenever the creature is dealt damage, it gets +1/+1.


Andor_1.960.exe 213 MB
May 19, 2018
Andor_1.960.apk 207 MB
May 19, 2018

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