Version 1.940 update

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New features and modifications:

1. (Very important!) Added the function of registering an account. Entering the game requires an official input of an account and password. Players who previously had an account can sign up again with their own account name. Account data is still preserved.

2.  Added avatar expression function to the wartime
3.  Replaced the new plot interface
4.  Statistics on the number of various card types in the deck curve statistics of the group card interface
5.  An increase of the ladder to enhance and descend the level of animation
6.  Added sound effects for some animation effects
7.  Domain Frenetic adjusted to +1/+1
8. The Souldrinker skills adjusted to Instant trigger

Bug repair:

1.  Corrected a bug in the numerical value of the Rank's achievement and reset its corresponding reward.
2.  Fixed a bug that cleared the list data every time the server was restarted.
3.  Fix the error of ladder icon display after the battle is over
4.  Repair Aging skills in some cases calculate the wrong bug
5.  Fix the bug that the remaining number of chest keys cannot be seen after winning the battle
6.  Fix mobile version of the partial input method can not normally enter the account of the bug
7.  Fix some bugs during the battle

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